Wilmington Sportsmen's Club
Wilmington's Premier Bar & Nightclub
1111 Castle St. Wilmington, NC
(910) 343-8977

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The Wilmington Sportsmen's Club opened it's doors in 1976 at 1111 Castle Street in Wilmington, North Carolina as a Nightclub & Lounge and is considered one of the premier night spots in the Port City. With two rooms, two dance floors and pool room, the club can accommodate large parties as well as receptions. The crowd and vibes shift from night to night, but rest assured, a night at the Sportsmen's Club never disappoints. 

Bar Talk

What kind of crowd should you expect? What's the best night to go out? How should I dress to assure getting pass the doorman? What time does the club get going? These mysteries, and more are unraveled by asking the bartenders. 

A toast. "To alcohol. The course of, and the solution to,all of life's problems." Homer Simpson 
"The only time I ever said no to a drink was when I misunderstood the question." Will Sinclair
Whistling snapping fingers, barking out "Hey Yo", banging barware, shouting or waving money won't impress. Try a simple "Excuse Me" to get the bartenders attention and on our end we promise to make an honest pour in a timely fashion, with hopefully a smile on our face.
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